Tracing Our Roots

The search might begin with a desire to know more about names written in fading ink in an old family Bible.  Or perhaps it starts with a child’s school project.  As the search continues, the details of your family’s past begin to unfold like a fascinating story, and you can’t wait to discover the next chapter.

We are collecting stories regarding the following surnames:  Adams, Byrus, DeRosa, Duryea, Elcik, Gamache, Gruhl, Jorgenson, Karkos, Lawler, McClanahan, Passarelli, Pruitt, Skillin, Strand and Wentworth.  And others are sure to be added.

Keep in mind that member profiles, obituaries and family recipes are published with no restrictions to public view.  All other posts are typically restricted to registered and verified accounts.  If you wish to become a member send an email to me at [email protected]

Warmest regards,

Dr. John Elcik



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